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skabe et unikt & flot design


With a strong sense for details and contemporary aesthetics I help shape products that appeal to customers with a design that stands out from competition.

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identificere kundernes krav & behov

Understanding and designing to meet end users' expectation is key to the success of your product. I help facilitate activities that reveal new insights to customers preferences and offer strategic advise on marked positioning of your new product.    


skabe et unikt & flot design

I help construct the product's components in 3D CAD files that can be used for making prototypes & 3D prints in the early stages of the process and for manufacturing productions molds in later stages

3D CAD modellering

identificere kundernes krav & behov

Radical innovation demands clever thinking and solid understanding of manufacturing techniques, materials & quality. Together we will develop products where technical solutions, useablity and appearance is approched in an integrated process.  

tekniske løsninger

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Nørre Snedevej 9, DK-8700 Horsens  |  Tel: +45 31328269

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